Since their launch last year, our Sensory Maths programmes have proved a great hit. Designed to support children and young people with profound learning needs and/or who communicate non-verbally, they harness a system of binary questions and handleable resources in using a range of senses to explore in concrete ways quantity, dimensions, capacity and texture.

Sensory Maths

We’ve now developed a format for students with lesser needs, using the same basic methodologies to illustrate the value of precise mathematical language. And whichever way you choose, our unique and portable Sensory Box allows us to work with up to seven students at a time!

Typically, each workshop lasts for up to 30 minutes, meaning we can easily deliver eight sessions in a day. You can also choose to mix and match Sensory Maths with some of our other workshops for pupils with special education needs. 

"Jackson had a good rapport with the children. Introductions were very positive, use of voice was kind and gentle. Very engaging and respectful of limitations of our students". (Willoughby School)

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