Here at As Creatives we love most things about science but there’s surely nothing better than science as a force for peace and development.

From the astronauts who “came in peace” when they first walked on the moon to the spread of worldwide infrastructures for clean water (it’s not perfect but we’re getting there), it’s fair to say that peace and development are at the heart of many aspects of science.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been a bumpy road at times. The very rockets that sent the astronauts into space, were originally designed to destroy cities in war. This isn’t a stand-alone example either - there are countless technologies we rely upon every day that we have war to thank for. If we look back through history, we can see that development happens at a much faster pace during times of conflict.

So, as humans we are capable of incredible things when we really need to be but there is something else that these times of conflict/progress have in common and that is: cooperation. It’s not just the necessity that drives the progress, it’s the power of working together!

The International Space Station is probably my favourite example of this. Scientists from many countries working together in peace, 200 miles above the Earth, 365 days a year, studying the planet to help us understand our place in this delicately balanced solar system.

Even though the development of science has not always been in the best interests of the greater good, for the most part this institution of knowledge and progress ultimately aims to improve life for all humankind. As I see it, the ISS is a beacon of hope for peace, development and the good of humanity.

So, on November 10th, remember that Peace & Development can be the driving force for science, in the struggle to make this world a better place for everyone.

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