Why not celebrate Maths Week Scotland 2023 (23rd Sept - 29th Sept 2024) with a high energy, imaginative and fun Creative Maths day for all pupils to take part in, then take a look at what's on offer from As Creatives. From sending Scotland’s first astronaut into orbit in The Race into Space to delving deep beneath the Earth’s surface in The Riddle of the Sphinx, each of our whole-school programmes supports this year’s theme of Maths in Motion.

All of our maths workshops for primary and secondary schools in Scotland have been carefully designed to put into context and actively promote the keystones of the Curriculum for Excellence – as well, of course, as supporting the push to Make Maths Count. 

Tapping into pupils’ own creativity, our unashamedly fun workshops engage, motivate and, crucially, challenge the children and young people we work with.

Find out more about our range of workshops for primary schools in Scotland here. 

Find out more about our range of workshops for secondary schools in Scotland here. 


"The children LOVED the workshops!  Everyone, from the 5 year olds to the 11 year olds, thoroughly enjoyed the visit and they were engaged from start to finish. The most important thing was they had fun with Maths!  We arranged the visit during Maths Week Scotland and this definitely was one of the highlights of the week!" St Margaret's Primary, Johnstone

"Students all enjoyed participating in the workshops, they found it fun and challenging. (They gained) Collaboration, problem solving, interpretation and an insight into the practical applications of maths. Thank you for a great day!" The Pirate’s Challenge and Family Maths workshops, Kilchuimen Primary



The Edinburgh Mathematical Society grant scheme - The Schools Enrichment Fund, exists to provide financial support for mathematical activities which fall outwith the normal school curriculum. There are no closing dates but early submission of applications is strongly encouraged. Find out more over at www.ems.ac.uk/funding/schools-funding


"One of the best STEM Events that I have ever booked. The students found the 0workshops extremely interesting, engaging and fun. One pupil asked, “Miss, can we do this every Thursday?” Park Mains High School, Erskine


Find out more about Maths Week Scotland including information on grants at www.mathsweek.scot/


“10/10 …The pupils were all fully engaged in their learning because they were enjoying the different context and visitor. They were talking about the workshops all week. It was just what we needed to create a buzz around maths for maths week!” Caskieberran Primary