Putting maths in context to create hooks for childrens’ learning Sounds like the holy grail, doesn’t it. But the downloadable Extraordinary Maths packages from As Creatives Connect can help you get there – by placing pupils in immersive, character-led worlds, where the maths has a purpose!

There’s something joyous and purposeful about a day in which every class in the school works to a common end – a day that builds cohesion and strengthens the whole school community. But with the best will in the world, given all the other demands on teachers’ time, such a day is incredibly difficult to organise! So why not let Extraordinary Worlds take the strain? With suggested timetables, together with teacher notes, assembly plans, flagship challenges and more, you’ll find yourselves spoilt for choice!In The Race into Space, they’ll meet Major Tom of the British Isles Space Agency, using maths to select the UK’s next astronaut. The Riddle of the Sphinx sees them working with Egyptologist Dr Colorado Smith, handling concepts of “measurement” to solve a millennia-old puzzle. While taking part in The Benefactor involves meeting entrepreneur Benny Factor and using the maths of money to help a disadvantaged village.Each packages features opening and closing films, in which children meet the characters – together with age-appropriate PowerPoint-led challenges and themed maths worksheets, one of each for every year group from EYFS to Y6 - And by featuring linked, themed literacy activities too, they offer a potent reminder that “maths” doesn’t exist in isolation.None of these activities have been plucked from thin air – they’re the result of more than twelve years of working directly in classrooms – with more than a million children, right across the world. From less than 42p per child in a two-form entry school, an Extraordinary Worlds day provides get value for money! Find out more information and to download a package head over to our website www.ascreativesconnect.com/