From Leif Erikson to Neil Armstrong, and led by our modern day explorer, Major Tom, this workshop introduces KS1 pupils to some landmark people and moments in the history of global exploration.

They’ll consider what it takes to be a great explorer (including remembering the need to respect other cultures), engage in drama activities unveiling some set-piece expeditions and complete our illustrated Timelines to record and celebrate their learning. 

“The students loved the workshops. Staff and pupil feedback was very positive. Children particularly loved the explorer statues that they were asked to make. By the time Chris and Zoe came in, the children already had a fairly good grounding in relation to their explorer. What was impressive though is that you had clearly done a lot of research because Chris and Zoe were able to teach them new things or make links to other aspects eg nationality. You’ve made a very positive impression and I am sure we will be inviting you back to St George’s in some guise in the future.” Exploring the World of Explorers workshops, St George’s Church of England Primary School

"The students really enjoyed the Explorers workshop and have been talking about it ever since. It was a brilliant hook for our new topic and has really increased their eagerness and excitement to learn more about Captain Scott. The students were provided with lots of engaging and practical activities that helped them to learn more about Captain Scott. We used As Creatives last year for the same workshop and we look forward to working with them again as the children have enjoyed it every time!" Great Explorers workshops, Claycots Primary School