Many of our most popular programmes come about as a result of direct requests from schools and individual teachers. And CSI: Storyland is just such a case in point - with Servite Primary in London asking if we could develop a version of our successful CSI: Maths programmes for EYFS and KS1 back in 2017. We've since been delivering this popular workshops with infant aged children in schools across the UK! 

Maths Workshops for EYFS

This enchanting workshop harnesses the children's problem-solving skills as they attempt to work out which of a host of characters from well-known stories stole the Shoemaker's Last - and threw Storyland into turmoil. And since its launch it's been enjoyed in age-differentiated versions by nearly 2,000 Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children right across the country.

Like all of our creative Maths programmes, CSI: Storyland promotes all the keystones of the National Curriculum - and focuses on mathematical fluency and reasoning as well as logical thinking and problem solving. So children are called upon to examine character's possible motives, then analyse, categorise and enumerate a whole host of clues before working out who it was that stole from the Shoemaker. And also like all of our programmes, it's distinctively cross-curricular in tone, tying in closely with the narrative structures that young children pick up from traditional stories. Who was the culprit? Was it Goldilocks? The Billy Goats Gruff? Little Miss Muffet? The Three Little Pigs - or even Red Riding Hood? Primary schools that have enjoyed CSI: Storyland recently include Beckford (London), Brooklands (London), Four Oaks (Liverpool), Servite (London) and Walverden (Lancashire) - with lots more to come!

Suitable For: Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2 / P1 - P3

Duration: 30 - 60 minutes

Exploring (according to age): sorting, sequencing, problem-solving, logical thinking, number bonds, additive and multiplicative reasoning.


"The students really enjoyed the workshops. They got a sense of wonder and excitement built around maths but also linking in a cross curricular way to literacy and stories they knew well. The workshops were well pitched for the year groups and Jackson delivered them really well engaging all the classes through excellent storytelling. All children were able to feel included and successful and have fun." Minster Infants


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