The last full week of the summer term saw Whitmore High School in Harrow collapsing the timetable in favour of “Achievement Week” – five days devoted to offering Year KS3 students different approaches to their learning. And, as staff wanted to include some creative approaches to maths, two of our facilitators joined the school for two days. Two days that saw us delivering two different programmes, selected after discussions with the school’s Deputy Headteacher, and working with almost 500 students.

Those 500 students included the whole of Year 7 as, taking over the Atrium, we ran six 90 minute sessions of The Trading Game for groups of 50 students at a time. Calling upon teamwork, precision, mental calculation and an understanding of concepts of “value”, The Trading Game is a fast-paced and extremely busy workshop where decision-making is to the fore and was augmented by a specially created two-part Run Around Quiz exploring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. And as always, of course, a vital element saw the students unpicking and categorising the skills they had used.

“Students and staff alike really enjoyed the workshops you provided, finding them engaging and stimulating – as well as ‘challenging’ and ‘not that easy’!” (Assistant Headteacher)

The school was also interested in our ever-popular CSI: Maths workshops – but requested that it pose a high level of challenge to their Year 9s. So, mindful of the fact that these students had completed their Year 9 studies, we developed a new and more demanding version for them. Six groups, each 30 strong, participated in the workshops, exploring 2D and 3D geometry, algebra and the interpretation of data – as well as complex number patterns, percentages, fractions and number operations. Each activity yielded a mathematical clue that allowed the elimination of one of the six suspects – and we’re delighted to report that almost all of the students eventually identified the same person as the would-be killer of Michaela Maths!

“Thank you both for all your hard work during our Activities Week” (Deputy Headteacher)


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