The summer term sees many secondary schools enriching their students' education by organising "off timetable" days offering a wide range of different activities. So why not let us take the pressure off programming and the toil out of timetabling by booking one of our BIG Secondary Days?

Both challenging and engaging, a BIG Secondary Day gives your students opportunities to practice key life skills in some very different contexts whilst still having clear curriculum connections and outcomes - and so represents excellent value for money. By developing specially adapted versions of some of our most popular and successful workshops, we're able to work with up to 300 students over a day that will see them engaging with and enjoying a carousel of workshops that differ in content, tone and approach. And with a menu that includes creative Maths, English, Science and Enterprise workshops, you can create a day that's both tailored to suit your needs and designed to offer your students concrete outcomes!

You can choose from ...

CSI: Maths (Maths): It's odds-on that your students won't realise how much maths they're using as they turn detective and work out who tried to kill one of the UK's most promising woman footballers.

"The pupils had to use/develop perseverance, team work, time management communication skills and participation skills. They enjoyed “seeing Maths in a different light” and using and applying maths skills without realising at times that they were." (Maths Teacher, Hillside High School)

The Bunker (Maths): Code-writing has been at the forefront of human communication since at least the dawn of the Stone Age - and so, of course, has code-breaking. This fiendish workshop challenges students to crack a series of ever more challenging codes - but with only one end in sight ...

Spotlight on Shakespeare (English): A practical, actor's-eye-view approach to a Shakespeare play of your choice - providing a brilliant springboard for studies to come (with sufficient notice, this exciting workshop can be adapted to suit any novel or play).

Writing and Performing Poetry (English): Even reluctant writers will be keen to put pen to paper once they've been introduced to our experiential methodologies - including SoundScape Poetry, Personification Verse and Clerihew Quatrains. And the content can be linked to absolutely any curriculum area of your choice!

“The immersion aspect was particularly effective in engaging the children and this led to high standards of written poetry. All teachers were full of praise for the workshops and were delighted with the pupil outcomes and engagement! (Head of English, Immanuel and St Andrews School)

Interplanetary Tours (Science): The prospect of affordable space tourism is moving ever closer - so this engaging, drama-based workshop challenges students to incorporate planetary facts into vignettes illustrating the real scientific challenges posed by off-world travel.

CSI: Periodic Table (Science): One of the deadliest stable chemical elements, arsenic was also one of the first to be discovered - way back in 1250. But it's the structure of the Periodic Table itself that students will need to unmask the killer of one of Britain's brightest scientists.*

The Five Rs of Enterprise (Enterprise Education): In an increasingly uncertain world, the UK's teenagers will need to be as enterprising as they can to take advantage of the opportunities offered them. As practical as it is philosophical, as constitutionally challenging as it is cerebral, this workshop supports students in understanding what "enterprise" means - and why it is important.

The Trading Game (Enterprise Education): A high-energy opportunity to practise a whole host of maths skills in a highly competitive environment.

“The activities that you brought were new, exciting and absolutely relevant to learning. The team at as creatives have engaging delivery styles – and very good classroom management skills!” (Director of Enterprise Education, Alsop High School)

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