What an exciting way to start the week! We are absolutely thrilled to be a finalist for the #bettawards2022 in the Primary – Digital Learning Product – Numeracy & Maths for our @ascreativesconnect Extraordinary Worlds Maths Resources!

Bett Awards 2022 Extraordinary Worlds As Creatives Connect


About our Extraordinary Maths packages …

Putting maths in context to create hooks for childrens’ learning. Sounds like the holy grail, doesn’t it? But the downloadable Extraordinary Maths packages from @ascreativesconnect can help you get there – by placing pupils in immersive, character-led worlds, where the maths has a purpose!

? In The Race into Space, they’ll meet Major Tom of the British Isles Space Agency, using maths to select the UK’s next astronaut.

? The Riddle of the Sphinx sees them working with Egyptologist Dr Colorado Smith, handling concepts of “measurement” to solve a millennia-old puzzle.

? While taking part in The Benefactor involves meeting entrepreneur Benny Factor and using the maths of money to help a disadvantaged village.

Each Maths package features opening and closing films, in which children meet the characters – together with age-appropriate PowerPoint-led challenges and themed maths worksheets, one of each for every year group from EYFS/P1 to Year 6/P7. And by featuring linked, themed literacy activities too, they offer a potent reminder that “maths” doesn’t exist in isolation!

None of these activities have been plucked from thin air – they’re the result of more than twelve years of working directly in classrooms – with more than a million children, right across the UK (and beyond!).

Find out more over at www.ascreativesconnect.com/

2022 Bett Awards Shortlist