Exciting Maths Activity Enrichment Days for up to 300 Secondary School students!  

Maths Workshops Secondary School Big Maths 

1. Raising the Profile of Maths 

Big Maths Days are a fantastic way of generating a real “maths” buzz” about the school, providing an active testament to students, teachers and parents alike of the importance that the school attaches to maths. Because maths really matters! 


2. Real World Maths 

By experiencing a number of different workshops on a carousel, each focusing on a different facet of maths, your students will come to appreciate the relevance of maths to their everyday lives. Because maths really does count! 


3. The Maths of Enrichment 

A Big Maths Day will enrich your school in so many ways – from the mathematical experiences that students (and teachers) will encounter, to the value of working creatively to the ideas it will prompt amongst your maths specialists. Because maths makes life better! 


4. The Maths of Engagement 

To maximise engagement, Each Big Maths Day workshop has its own different focus, delivery methodology, structure, grouping strategy and “feel”. And you can choose from The Trading GameCSI: Michaela MathsThe BunkerThe Priorities Game and Selling Maths

Key Points

Tried and tested activities – As Creatives has worked directly with more than a million pupils!

Unashamedly fun – because everyone learns more effectively when they’re enjoying themselves!

Able to accommodate up to 300 students in just a single day!


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