Get your pupils thinking about books, animals and the alphabet in a challenge designed to promote a love of stories, spelling - and research skills - perfect for World Book Day! 

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Download the resource instructions 

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World Book Day

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World Book Day Resource Packages to download include ...

For those schools who would like to deliver their own whole-school World Book Day,  we’ve put together some engaging resource packages that allow pupils to enjoy and engage with our best loved character-led workshops without them ever having to set foot inside school. Each one provides two - three hours of activity for every class from EYFS to Year 6/P1 – P7, and comes complete with introductory and celebratory films. 


The Extraordinary Adventures of Fillolog

Whatever book our friend Vistie was reading as a little girl (and she read a lot of them!), it always featured Fillolog, an extraordinary creature with an extraordinary appetite for stories. They were there in the forest, as she read of wolves, owls and eagles. They were there in the sea as she devoured tales of pirates, shipwrecks and treasure islands. And they were there in the distance as she read of adventure, action and mystery. Fillolog also had their own story to tell – but now that Vistie has got older, it’s faded to the back of her memory. And that’s where you come in! Because you and your pupils have the chance to help her by writing a unique and extraordinary whole-school story – with Fillolog at its heart!

The pack comprises of; an opening assembly, followed by workshops (one per year group) and a closing assembly, all led by Vistie. There are also follow-up literacy activities designed to put flesh on the bones of the story.

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The Character Hunt

The great characters of fiction leap off the pages of the books they inhabit and into our imaginations because their authors have taken the trouble to breathe life into them, creating fully rounded beings. And now your pupils will get the chance to do that too, in The Character Hunt!

The children will meet The Mighty Pen a writer with plenty of wonderful ideas for stories - but no characters to put in them! The Pen, will, though, introduce your pupils to some archetypes – and challenge classes, a year group at a time, to take part in workshops designed to transform those archetypes into all-encompassing characters.

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