The Riddle of the Sphinx

With a clear focus on concepts of measurement and featuring a concrete maths challenge, acclaimed Egyptologist “Dr Colorado Smith” needs your pupils help to solve a 3,000 year old puzzle!  

The Race into Space

The search is on for the UK’s next astronaut – and Major Tom wants your pupils’ help in selecting the best person for the job!  

The Benefactor

Whole-School Maths: The Benefactor – Money-based maths fun for up to 420 pupils in a single day!  

CSI: Maths

A series of challenging mysteries to engage your students and get them thinking logically    

Murderous Maths

Interactive problem solving for up to 180 pupils (with follow-up workshops for up to four classes, depending on the structure of your school day)

Outdoor Maths

Outdoor spaces provide wonderful opportunities to explore how numbers and shapes create both the built and natural worlds.

Number Patterns: The Bunker

A fast-paced workshop contextualising sequencing and making connections between maths and other subjects! 

Family Maths

Mathematical fun for all the family! Taking a experiential approach, our immersive Family Maths workshops uncover the meaning and importance of the three keystones of the Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving.    “Students all enjoyed participating in the workshops, they found it fun and challenging. (They gained) Collaboration, problem solving, interpretation and an insight … Read More

Sensory Maths

Workshop Description Designed to support children and young people with profound learning needs and/or who communicate non-verbally, they harness a system of binary questions and handleable resources in using a range of senses to explore in concrete ways quantity, dimensions, capacity and texture. We’ve now developed a format for students with lesser needs, using the … Read More