The Regeneration Generation – Saving Planet Earth!

The children and young people of today form the Regeneration Generation. Because, by learning from the errors of the past, they’ll regenerate Planet Earth by combatting climate change – and put a smile back on the face of the planet itself!     “Children gained a notion of Science ideas outside their typical science lessons. It … Read More

The World Without a Moon 

A world without a moon would suffer catastrophic climate change, rendering most life unsustainable. Sounds familiar …?   “Year 5 have loved their science workshop, here we are launching a satellite into space! Thank you!” Allington Primary School

Space Pirates! 

From proto-stars to black holes – an interactive exploration of the life cycles of stars!    

The Women of Space 

This series of age-differentiated, lively, engaging and fact-packed workshops brings to life a few of the many women who have played such an important role in humanity’s journey to the stars – perfect for World Space Week!    “Year 6 enjoyed their Science week workshop today. We found out lots of information about the space … Read More

Exploring Evolution 

Most of us take Darwin’s ideas of natural selection, and the theory that all life is in a constant state of change, for granted – though they caused a right old rumpus back in 1859! 

Fossil Hunters!

What is the “fossil record”? How can an understanding of the differences between igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks help us look back on Earth’s immense history?

CSI: Rollercoaster

How do different forces operate – and what do they actually do? “The main reason for the workshop was to engage the students and hopefully to develop more of an interest in science. The students definitely did this!” Head of Science, Notre Dame Catholic College

The Story of Flight 

Looking at ways that Science Investigators have helped humankind fulfill its dream of taking to the skies!

Journeys into Space

It’s more than fifty years since the first humans walked on the moon – and Journeys into Space allows up to 420 pupils to celebrate this extraordinary milestone in a single day!  “Can I just thank you all for the lovely sessions yesterday. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed them, and are still talking about it today! … Read More