Beechwood Primary School – Creating Digital Artworks

Case Studies, School Workshops

Working with as creatives, children at Beechwood Primary School became real life graphic designers and illustrators. Staff and students creatively used the industry standard software Adobe Photoshop Elements and Apple computers during the programme. Children across Key Stage 2 worked with as creative’s Kate Pankhurst (who regularly uses Photoshop to create published children’s books) and … Read More

Case Study: Sustainable Science Explorations with Runcorn All Saints Primary

Case Studies, School Workshops

Working closely with Year 1, 5 and 6 teachers, Sustainable Science combined science, literacy, numeracy and learning outside the classroom as the children recreated flood plains and volcanoes in scientific experiments and replanted and tended the school’s vegetable plots. After creating short plays about the impacts of natural and human-made disasters, the children put their … Read More

Extraordinary Worlds, Extraordinary Stuff!

Case Studies

Following the extraordinary success of Easter’s The Extraordinary World of Chocolate, we had two wonderful weeks in the summer of 2011 when we helped children aged 8 – 11 explore The Extraordinary World of Making Stuff. We had a fantastic time supporting them in using their imagination, initiative and interpersonal skills in creating paintings, illustrated … Read More