As a team, we travel tens of thousands of miles every year, taking our creative learning programmes to primary and secondary schools across the land (in this academic year alone, we’ve been to schools in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, Italy and Turkey!). We see some amazing views, both on our travels and at the schools themselves – so thought we’d share some of our favourites!

En Route to Scotland

Zoe’s travels with As Creatives often take her north of the border – and as if the landscapes in Scotland itself weren’t amazing enough, the view from the train, as it winds its way up and through the Lakeland peaks, is absolutely stunning.


Swansea Bay – from the Top of the Hill

The teachers that Jackson was working with were astonished to find that he’d walked all the way from the middle of Swansea to the very top of Mayhill to bring one of our Big Science Days to the children at Sea View Primary. But the sea view of the name – of Swansea Bay - made the trek more than worthwhile!


Magic in the Midlands

We’ve been working with Keele University and Higher Horizons for a while now, so have got used to the grandeur of Keele Hall. But when Chris first rocked up there one misty autumnal day, he couldn’t help feeling he’d arrived for a new term at a school more often associated with Harry Potter and his friends!


Crossing the Channel

We use many different modes of transport to get to the schools we work with, including cars, buses, trams, trains, aeroplanes – and, of course, our own two feet! When Ady took one of our creative history programmes to the Isle of Wight’s Newchurch Primary, though, one leg of the journey across saw him going by catamaran – and getting a wonderful view of the English Channel!


A Castle on the Doorstep

Northern Ireland’s Killyleagh Primary is right by Strangford Lough – so Jackson was already expecting to see some lovely sights when he arrived early one morning to set up for a day of our Outdoor Maths workshops. But he still wasn’t quite prepared for what he got – the 12th century Killyleagh Castle!