long to Reign Over Us, Jubilee Workshops, Blackbrow Brow Primary

“All the pupils (and staff!) loved the workshops. They were enthusiastically delivered and were made accessible and engaging for all the year groups. They enjoyed the way they were interactive and could get moving in a fun way but were still learning! The children gained knowledge about the kings and queens throughout history within the … Read More

Shakespeare Workshop, Turnfurlong Junior School

“We (pupils and Teachers) absolutely love the workshops that Jackson presents. He first came to Turnfurlong Junior School in 2017 and we use the workshops to launch our work on Macbeth.The pupils found it engaging, they enjoyed taking part as characters and the freeze frames. Most of all, it is great to have a 90 … Read More

Shakespeare Workshops, Haslam Park Primary School

Year 6 LOVED their Shakespeare workshop all about The Tempest. We explored being ‘human sculptures’ and explored the themes of the story. @AsCreatives thank you for a lovely day … Jo you were super and so full of energy! We love reading heritage texts #shakespearesbirthday pic.twitter.com/qAo5NnWCaq — Haslam Park Primary School (@Haslamparkprim1) April 26, 2022

Long to Reign Over Us Jubilee workshops, St Jude’s Catholic Primary School

Today, our Jubilee celebrations have included History workshops called 'Long to Reign Over Us'. We have been learning all about life in Britain over the past seventy years. @BirminghamEdu @BCPP__ @PrimaryTolkien pic.twitter.com/673fz3QTPZ — St Jude's Catholic Primary School 🧡 (@jude_primary) May 26, 2022

The Riddle of the Sphinx workshops, St Lawrence Catholic Primary School

@AsCreatives led a wonderful Maths workshop today. The children were buzzing from the assembly at the beginning of the day outlining the 'Riddle of the Sphinx until the denouement at the end of the day. #stlawrencelearns #Maths #Mathematics #fun #Kidsinthehall ➕➖➗🧮🟰 pic.twitter.com/HNZraA6ET2 — St Lawrence Catholic Primary School (@school_lawrence) June 8, 2022

Long to Reign Over Us, Jubilee Workshops, Goodmayes Primary School

“I just wanted to let you know, Goodmayes thoroughly enjoyed the workshops on the Queen’s Jubilee. Everyone I spoke to said that you were very professional, handled 90 children with ease and the information you gave provided a good foundation for the children to then continue the learning in class. And I really appreciate you sharing your … Read More

Long to Reign Over Us, Jubilee Workshops, Cloverlea Primary School

“We enjoyed the workshops tremendously. The children learnt a great deal, in an interactive and engaging manner. They gained the intended knowledge from the year specific workshops. They gained a sense of enjoyment through the drama activities and were able to talk, at length, about their activities afterwards. Jo was fabulous and made the day … Read More

CSI: Reading Skills workshops, Boston High School

“Our students absolutely loved the workshops. They were all fully engaged in the sessions and I think they took away the importance of reading beyond the classroom. The ways they can get information from any kind of text. Jackson was absolutely wonderful – so engaging and our students really warmed to him.”

The Race into Space workshops, Warley Primary School

“The students absolutely loved it! … They gained an understanding of how Maths is intertwined into our everyday lives. They saw the benefits of applying themselves in Maths because there are so many exciting opportunities that stem from Maths. ​Thank you to everyone at As Creatives!”