Here you will find some quick and easy ideas to get your pupils creating their own poetry! all of our ideas are free to download and we would love to hear how you've got on with them - you can tweet us @AsCreatives


Shakespeare Personification Poetry

Writing poetry inspired by Shakespeare’s plays is a great way to
cement understanding and celebrate learning, particularly around
 specific scenes. Once pupils begin to think themselves part of the 
scenery, their imaginations seem to more easily ‘ fill in’ the space
 around them, taking in not just the physical space but the atmosphere
 and mood in the room.

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Animal Rhymes Poetry

Supporting children in thinking about rhymes, there are obvious links between Animal Rhymes and phonics teaching. The activity can lead to wonderful poetry - and also develops strategic thinking!

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Poetry Activity

Character Clerihews Poetry

Challenge your pupils to share their understanding of and thoughts about characters from books they're exploring through poetry. Four line poems with a clear rhyming structure, clerihews are easy to construct - and packed with facts and descriptions!

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Outdoor Poetry Teaching Resource

Outdoor Poetry

Whatever the time of year, it’s great to use outdoor spaces to stimulate creative thinking. Try this Outdoor Poetry activity with children and young people …

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