Welcome to Observational Bingo! We at as creatives love looking for Maths in everyday life, so we’ve had great fun putting this together - and we hope you enjoy it. Your task is to find an example of each item on one of the five downloadable and printable Observational Bingo Grids, make a note of where you saw the item - and cross it off. There are lots of ways you can take part - at home, at school, on a long bus, train or car journey, by yourself, against a friend - or with your family or classmates. So try one of these two - or make up your own! all the instructions you need are included with each grid!

Download the Observational Maths Bingo resource here

Observational Maths Bingo

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More than 400,000 pupils in schools across the UK and beyond have already benefitted from our unique maths workshops – so why not bring them to your school? Popular workshops include:

  • The Pirate’s Challenge
  • CSI: Maths
  • Murderous Maths
  • The Captain’s Conundrum
  • Outdoor Maths

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Download the Observational Maths Bingo resource here

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