We love the power of words, so National Poetry Day is always one of our most enjoyable times of the year! taking place on Thursday 3rd October 2019 we have a range of enjoyable and engaging workshops, all tied into this year's theme "Truth." we always sell out well in advance for these workshops, so if you are interested please get in touch to reserve your date! 

Poetry workshops

We're happy to lead whole-school poetry assemblies at the start of a day of any of our poetry workshops, sharing some of our favourite verses and providing opportunities for pupils to join in - and all at no extra cost!

Workshops include: 

  • Soundscape Poetry - Where's the Truth?
  • Personification Poetry – Whose Truth?
  • The Poet-Tree – Poems that Grow and Change Before Your Eyes
  • Shakespearean Clerihews – Looking for the "Truth" in Characters
  • Cinquains of Truth – the People Behind the Headlines
  • Performance Poetry: Rhythm, Rhyme and Action 
  • Collaborative Poetry

 “The poems look amazing and I am really excited to send these home with the children who took part in the workshop. The day was a huge success and all of the pupils have commented how fantastic it was. Similarly, the teachers really enjoyed the CPD. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience.” (Teacher, Mapledene School)

More information 

View our full range of poetry workshops at https://www.ascreatives.com/poetry-workshops/

National Poetry Day will take place on Thursday 3rd October 2019, you can find out more by visiting https://nationalpoetryday.co.uk/

National Poetry Day