Celebrate National Poetry Day on or around the 7th October 2021 with an in-person or live streamed workshop from As Creatives! 

National Poetry Day is the annual mass celebration on the first Thursday of October that encourages all to enjoy, discover and share poetry. This year, National Poetry Day takes place on 7 October 2021, and the theme is Choice.

Remember - every poem has to start somewhere. So start yours now – and get in touch today!

“I wanted to email to thank you for today's inspiring (streamed) workshops. The pupils were all fully engaged through your scientific knowledge and your inclusive poetry collaboration which was both fun and successful. This term I run a poetry club for Year 5 and in today's session we used a random object generator to choose a subject about which to write a clerihew to follow up from your workshop." Clifton High School

School Poetry Workshops and Visits

Poetry Assemblies - EYFS / KS1 / KS2 / P1 - P7 / S1 - S3

Start your poetry day with a poetry assembly beamed straight to your hall or classroom! Our assemblies can be tailored to meet the theme of your day - please contact us for details. 

Poetry Live - EYFS / KS1 / KS2 / P1 - P7 / S1 - S3

These workshops last up to an hour at a time – and, as they can lead to poems on any subject of your choice, they provide a fantastic way of linking poetry to other areas of the curriculum! After being introduced to one of our favourite poems and the subject of theirs, pupils will be guided through a drama activity designed to support them in developing their ideas. Experimenting with rhyme, rhythm and pace, they’ll then get the opportunity to choose how to populate their own verses, writing and performing them. 

"Each class thoroughly enjoyed the poetry workshops and enjoyed taking an active role in order to create their ideas. Using drama to create an orchestra of sounds for our soundscape poems was fantastic to see and I know that we plan to use this strategy with the children again! Thank you for inspiring the children, so they could create such wonderful ideas!" (Windsor CP School)


Soundscape Poetry – The Power of Choice  - (in-person only)

Those pupils who claim they don’t like poetry will be writing furiously at the end of this magical poetry workshop. Realising the power of “sound”, they’ll design and perform two contrasting soundscapes, working to topics/themes of your choice, and making their own compositional choices. We’ll then guide them through a structure supporting them in crafting richly descriptive poems that tell both individual and collective stories in which the writers’ choices are central.  

"The immersion aspect was particularly effective in engaging the pupils and this led to high standards of written poetry. All teachers were full of praise for the workshops and were delighted with the pupil outcomes and engagement. We would love to arrange another visit for next year!" (Head of English, Immanuel and St Andrews School)


Personification Poetry – Impossible Choices? (available in-person and live streamed)

What if an old oak tree had the power to make impossible choices? What would it see? Where would it go? What would it choose to be? What if your school gates could share with us the dreams and aspirations they have that could never possibly come true? And what about that well-thumbed book on the library shelf? This highly imaginative and interactive workshop allows students to harvest the fruits of both their own and their classmates’ imaginations as they explore notions of empathy to construct some uniquely moving poetry.


Shakespearean Clerihews – Character Choices - (available in-person and live streamed)

Just as in real life, it’s the choices that Shakespeare’s characters make that define their outcomes – for good or for ill. If Macbeth hadn’t chosen to listen to the Weird Sisters’ prophesies, he may well have won the Scottish throne in his own right – and gone on to rival Duncan as a wise and revered king. If Romeo had resisted the urge to return to the scene of Mercutio’s death, he and Juliet may have enjoyed a long and happy marriage, uniting their warring families. And if Prospero hadn’t chosen to visit magic in the first place, he and Miranda may never have met Ariel or Caliban – not leaving Milan until the wedding in Carthage! This experiential workshop uses drama techniques to introduce students to characters from a play of your choice and explore both their real story and an alternative narrative – then supports them in crafting Clerihews– four-line, descriptive, rhyming poems, packed with descriptive language. 


Cinquains of Truth – People Whose Choices Shaped the World - (available in-person and live streamed)

This year’s National Poetry Day falls in Black History Month – and this thought-provoking workshop offers you a great chance to combine the two! Progress towards equality in a diverse world has been made possible by people who made choices that, while sometimes causing personal difficulties, led brighter futures for the rest of us. People like the Bristol Bus Strikers (1963), Tommie Smith (the 1968 Mexico Olympics) and Doreen Lawrence (1993 onwards). The often difficult choices taken by such people changed and shaped the world – and this inspiring workshop celebrates their deeds and legacies through poetry. After engaging pupils in a range of drama-based activities to explore the people and events in question, we’ll introduce them to poetic structures including clerihews and cinquains in which to commemorate their feats.


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