Every week of the school year our team have the pleasure of visiting schools from Scotland to Cornwall and everywhere in between - and that means one thing, lots of trains! 

Here Chris gives us his top 5 favourite train stations from the last term...

(1) For all the travelling I do around the country, there’s actually only 1 station that could be at the top of my list. My grandad used to bring me on days out to Liverpool Lime St just to look at the trains and I guess that’s where my interest in a good train station started. There are more beautiful, bigger, busier and even better functioning train stations around the UK than this one, but this is the only one that’s home.


(2) Parkstone in Poole at sunset in November last year after a day at Bournemouth Collegiate Prep delivering CSI - Forces. Beautiful station.

Parkstone Train Station

(3) On my way up to Edinburgh to work at Strathesk in Penicuik in late 2018. I took this at London Kings Cross at the start of a long journey. I think it looks a bit like a Star Wars ship. I probably would have gotten there a lot quicker on the Millennium Falcon.

London Kings Cross Train Station

(4) This was taken at Sole Street Station on a stunning late winter’s day after I’d done a day of CSI Maths with Cobham Primary in Kent. I love old footbridges on stations and a nice carved pattern on the shelter canopy. I’m basically a train station spotted.

Sole Street Train Station

(5) You can’t go much wrong with London Paddington for a beautiful traditional Victorian Train Station. I always keep a look out for a certain bear from Peru whenever I’m at this station. This was taken on my way to Worcestershire for a day of Pirate’s Challenge with Swan Lane First School, Evesham. A great day it was too.

London Padington Train Station