Creative Learning for Teachers and Pupils. Whole-school immersive learning at your fingertips. Launching Autumn 2020!

As Creatives Connect opens up a whole world of primary school activities and resources, all designed to support learning and extend thinking through promoting pupil creativity. You'll find everything you'd expect to find here - including worksheets, instructions for activities, individual lesson plans, Fact Files and display materials. And you'll also find, of course, a number of features completely unique to As Creatives Connect, born from our experiences of working directly with pupils and teachers in schools across the world.

Why As Creatives Connect?

Set up to improve the futures of children everywhere by placing creativity at the heart of teaching and learning, As Creatives has been supporting schools since 2008. Since then, we have designed and delivered highly engaging and curriculum-rich activities, working directly with well over a million children. And As Creatives Connect now allows you to use our activities, approaches and resources yourselves, drawing from a bank of ideas that will grow term by term, year by year, both reflecting our commitment to continually exploring new ideas and offering excellent value for money.

Extraordinary Worlds

At the heart of As Creatives Connect lie our Extraordinary Worlds. In a whole-school assembly, each “world” is introduced by our own Learning Explorer, Ady. As he travels through time and space, in his specially designed pod, he is faced with a series of challenges that can only be overcome with the pupils’ help. His call to action will propel the children back to their classrooms with a very real sense of purpose to complete the tasks ahead.

A menu of age-differentiated resources, all firmly rooted in the National Curriculum, provides everything teachers need to plan a day of exciting and engaging immersive learning for their class. And, structured closing assemblies allow the pupils to share and celebrate their learning at the end of the day.

Extraordinary Worlds include: The Extraordinary World of PiratesThe Extraordinary World of Mini BeastsThe Extraordinary World of Vikings!

Not every day can be a WOW Day but you can continue to stretch your pupils’ creativity at any time, by utilising everything else that As Creatives Connect has to offer…

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