Time travel, heroes and villians, and the Great Fire of London. It’s all been going on at Holy Family Primary school!

Over the course of a term, we worked with all Year 1 and 2 pupils (and their teachers) at Holy Family Primary School to explore ways of melding two topics: ‘The Great Fire of London’ and ‘Heroes and Villains’.

Through the power of time travel, the children were visited each week by a different witness of the 1666 Fire, including Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farryner, Sir Thomas Bloodsworth – and King Charles II himself. Through developing open questioning techniques, the children were quickly able to realise that ‘history’ is based on perspective – and that not all witnesses can be classed as ‘heroes’! They applied their learning in a range of forms of writing – from diaries to poems and from information to scripts!

“Although some of the writing tasks were challenging, the children were really enthused by the approaches used – they’ve learned more from this than from a thousand worksheets!” Year 2 Teacher

“I enjoyed doing the poems and playing the games – and I loved meeting Samuel Pepys!” Year 2 Pupil

History – Whose Story? was commissioned by Holy Family Primary and supported with funding from Curious Minds.

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