Celebrate British Science Week 2019 with one of our fantastic, hands-on, drama based, creative science workshops for primary and secondary schools.

British Science Week

Rather than presenting big and colourful experiments, the sparks in our science workshops are ignited by the children's creativity! And our drama-based approaches both cementing existing knowledge and introduce new concepts and content.

Engaging and exciting workshops such as Interplanetary Tours, The View from Space, The Story of Flight, Pirate Science, Space Pirates, CSI: Forces, CSI: Periodic TableScience Geodesic Domes, Science Skills, Messages from Space (space poetry) and Expect the Unexpected introduce pupils from EYFS - KS4 some of the ways that science has played, and always will play, an important role in our development.

Why go for a performance-based approach? Well, precisely because science is dramatic, dynamic and directional!

All of the workshops are founded upon solid scientific concepts – and if you like the ideas but can’t see quite what you want, we can build a programme tailored to your own needs!

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Available throughout the year as well as during British Science Week 2019 and World Space Week 2018. 

"All staff have fed back to me about how impressed they were with the workshops, how well the children responded to them and how excellent Chris was as a presenter, making the sessions interactive, engaging and educational for the children.  They have taken a lot from today and the workshops have helped support me with my mission to promote working scientifically and develop a love of science loving in the school." (Science Co-ordinator, Bursted Wood Primary School)

 “as creatives are like a breath of fresh air – livening up teachers and students with fun and innovative methods of learning. The planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes results in a thoroughly professional delivery in which all participants are valued and respected.” (Head of Science, Holy Cross School, Bolton)

Science workshops

Science Workshops for Primary Schools

Delivered by practitioners who are passionate about science, these exciting programmes provide an amazing way of promoting science, cementing pupils’ subject knowledge, explaining difficult concepts and introducing new content. Find out more...

Science Workshops for Primary Schools

World Space Week School Workshops 

Blending science and performance arts,our World Space Week workshops are an excellent way of engaging students with science and supporting them in understanding our neighbours in the solar system – as well as worlds much further away. Find out more...

Science Workshops for KS3 - KS4 pupils

Engaging and experiential in style and tone, our Creative Science workshops for secondary schools are specifically designed to build on pupils’ existing knowledge, enhance progression and boost pupil motivation in science. Find out more...