Children at Beechwood Primary School became real life graphic designers and illustrators. Staff and students creatively used the industry standard software Adobe Photoshop Elements and Apple computers during the programme.

Children across Key Stage 2 worked with as creative’s Kate Pankhurst (who regularly uses Photoshop to create published children’s books) and Simon McKeown (who uses the programme to visualise 3D sculptures.)

Sessions were linked to curriculum areas of study – children created exciting and humourous posters linked topic areas of study including theme parks and preserving nature.

New skills developed included manipulating photographs, creating fonts and understanding typography, using scanned textures and creating layered artworks. As well as a whole host of exciting ICT skills the children honed their teamwork and independent learning abilities – supporting each other (and staff!) to troubleshoot and share discoveries.

During the programme children from Beechwood in Runcorn visited a partner school (who share the same namesake), Beechwood in Crewe. Children cemented and shared their skills in Photoshop Elements with pupils and teachers there creating some truly amazing digital monster illustrations.

“You’ve shown us that using Photoshop Elements lets you have creative accidents, you can come up with some really surprising results as your understanding grows.” Year 6 Teacher

“I most enjoyed seeing my character coming to life! ” Year 4 pupil

“I needed to use persistence, and to help my friend when she got stuck.” Year 6 pupil

Both schools intend to explore and develop their approach to using the programme within the curriculum in this academic year with pilots planned with Key Stage 1 classes this year. Watch this space for graphic designers of the future! if you would like to learn more about the opportunities for using this software in your school – get in touch. (Training can be tailored to schools using both Macs and PCs.)